Bank Comfort Letter

Bank Comfort Letter Information

If you are in the middle of an important trade deal and need a Bank Comfort Letter, or what some traders refer to as BCL (MT -799) or Bank Commitment Letter, IBTA can help you by providing it from top rated European Bank. Our bank can provide a notification to supplier on your behalf to show your financial capability to purchase goods / commodities as per the signed contract / agreement.

A Ban k Comfort Letter is a written undertaking by a bank on behalf of its client that assures the financial stability of the client’s company who has entered into a contract. Usually, it is used by the importer / buyer for the exporter / supplier as a surety that the buyer is capable of maintaining their financial commitment within a specified time period.

Today, suppliers of international trade want to make sure that they are working with financially capable importers & exporters who they can trust when engaging in trade deals involving large quantities of merchandise and commodities. Thus, to ensure the validity of a deal, a supplier may request a BCL. That’s how the comfort level is established between the buyer and the supplier's firms. By presenting BCL, buyer shows his fiscal affluence so that the transaction could be executed.

BCL by no means is a payment assurance by bank; BCL is an authenticated Swift message from the buyer’s bank that asserts the buyer’s track record in terms of their financial standing.

Interbank Trading Africa L.L.C. has 3 years of trading experience and understands the challenges importers & exporters face when obtaining buyer’s credit for large amounts of commodities.

Our trade finance services have a step-by-step system in place to ensure you have the proper paperwork in order to satisfy your supplier and carry out your trade deal. You can review the visual diagram associated with our process by clicking the “Bank Comfort Letter Procedure” tab, or you can watch our Bank Comfort Letter “video” for visual understanding.

As a direct trade finance provider, Interbank Trading Africa L.L.C. has competitive rates and terms to provide you with the effective solution to grow your business.


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Bank Comfort Letter Procedure

1. Buyer submits requirement in terms of pro-forma invoice or buy and sell agreement of their trade deal to IBTA.

2. IBTA carries due diligence of their commercial transaction between buyer & seller and will inform the concerned parties about the approval or rejection of their BCL application.

3. Once the BCL application is approved then the buyer will provide certain documents and pay the BCL issuance fee charges.

4. IBTA will immediately act and will provide from their bank account with European Bank the required BCL on behalf of buyer & in favor of their supplier to prove the buyer’s financial capability for concluding their trade deal.