Inter Bank Trading Africa

Inter Bank Trading Africa (IBTA) is a multinational registered company with office locations in Usa,Tanzania and Zambia.

At IBTA, we do have a Monetization Platform where we Monetize Bank Instrument Like SBLC / BG / DLC / Also We do provide Lease and Purchase of SBLC/BG.
PROJECT FUNDING AVAILABLE: Minimum $ 10 Million: Interest Rate: 3.5% : Project will be Funded Against , LC,SBLC,BG, or Insurance Bond, PPP arrangement Available for Government project .


We provide Irrevocable Transferable Letter of Credit (LC, DLC MT-700) at sight for importers who do not have enough cash flow or bank facilities to run their business.

Letter of Credit

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Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC, MT-760) can be provided on behalf of buyer / importer to fulfill a contractual commitment towards the supplier / exporter.

Standby Letter of Credit

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Irrevocable Transferable Bank Guarantee (MT, MT-760) can be arranged on behalf of our clients to meet the financial obligation of their supplier while purchasing goods.

Bank Guarantee

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Corespondant Bank